» » Тест для 5 класса на тему "Underline the correct item"

Тест для 5 класса на тему "Underline the correct item"

Здесь Вы можете скачать Тест для 5 класса на тему "Underline the correct item" для предмета : Английский язык. Данный документ поможет вам подготовить хороший и качественный материал для урока.

5 класс, олимпиада , 2014 г.

Task 1. Underline the correct item .

  1. It’s an/a eraser.

  2. John am/is not new to the school.

  3. I have/ has got a cap and gloves.

  4. Bill and Tim is/are in the same class.

  5. They have /has got pens and pencils.

Task 2. Choose the correct response.

  1. Where is the bathroom? A Yes, it’s in front of the sofa.

  2. Have you got a bookcase? B Yes, he has five on his wall.

  3. Has Dave got any posters? C It’s next to the kitchen.

  4. What floor is it on? D It’s on the second floor

  5. Is there a coffee table in your living room? E Yes, and it has got many books

Task 3. Fill in the correct word.

Bedroom, block, books, window, cooker, first, garage, lamp, mirror, sink, wardrobe.

  1. Her living room is on the _________________floor.

  2. Dave lives in a _______________ of flats.

  3. My sister reads her _____________ in the bedroom.

  4. There is a ____________ in the kitchen.

  5. She washes dishes in the _____________________ .

  6. Mark has got a _________________in his bathroom.

  7. I have got a bookcase in my ____________________.

  8. Tom’s clothes are in his _________________.

Task 4. Read the lettter and mark the sentences R ( Right), W (wrong).

Hi, Diana!

How are you? My new house is great. There are a lot of shops and cafes near it. There’s a toy shop opposite my house. My mum is very happy because there is a supermarket and a school on our street. There is also a library next to the supermarket, I go there to read books every weekend.

It’s really nice here. Why don’t you come and stay with me during the school holidays?



  1. A letter is from Diana.

  2. Emma likes her new house.

  3. There are not many shops.

  4. There is a sport shop near her house.

  5. There is a library next to her house.

  6. Diana can stay at Emma’s house.

Task 5. Make sentences from the words.

  1. a fireplace/ there is / in / house / my.

  2. is/ an armchair/ there / in your kitchen?

  3. there/ is/ in my flat/ no pantry.

  4. your bedroom/ in the left corner of/ what/ is/ there?

  5. two kittens/ are/ there/ in the box?

  6. no/ books/ there / are/ in my school bag.

Task 6. Write a letter about your family.

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