» » Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Love Conquers All» («Любовь победит все»)

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Love Conquers All» («Любовь победит все»)

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Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Башкирская гимназия № 25»

г. Салавата, Республика Башкортостан

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия

«Love Conquers All»

(«Любовь победит все»)


учитель английского языка

Янгильдина Гульфия Рифатовна

г. Салават


Тема: Love Conquers All


- ознакомить учащихся с историей праздника;

- воспитать интерес к традициям и обычаям страны изучаемого языка;

- расширить кругозор учащихся.


  1. стимулировать речевую активность учащихся и интерес к изучаемому языку;

  2. дать понятие о любви как светлого и высокого чувства.

Ход мероприятия:

( на сцену выходит святой Валентин – символ праздника)

St. Valentine:

Oh, my love’s like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June

Oh, my love’s like the melody

That’s sweetly played in tune.

(затем на сцену выходят двое ведущих)

Ведущий 1: Good afternoon, dear friends! We are very glad to see you today on our party. Today is St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day is a day to share our love feelings with our friends and family.

Ведущий 2: St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. This is a happy day because it is specially dedicated to celebrate love. There is a custom of sending greeting cards or gifts to express love.

Ведущий 1: Cupid, the Roman god of love has also become one of the symbols of love. Cupid is traditionally depicted as a charming boy with a bow and arrows. A person, wounded by him, immediately falls in love.

Ведущий 2: St. Valentine’s Day is the happiest day for all beloved. The day is filled with little hearts, sweets, cards and roses, words of love. This is the right day to express your emotions.

Ведущий 1: As many customs the origin of St. Valentine’s Day is a mystery. St. Valentine’s Day exists more than 18 centuries. On the 14th of February when birds begin to look for a pair, everybody starts a festivity. Like birds, Romans looked for their soulmate. Approximately at this time, in 269, the emperor Clavdyi II was going to conquer the world but there were not enough people in Roman army for achieving plans. He thought that the problem was in marriage.

Scene 1

(Клавдий II на троне, заходит советник, кланяется)

Counselor: Excuse me, Your Majesty. Did you send for me?

Clavdyi II: Yes, my counselor. What about our success in Gallia?

Counselor: Sorry, Your Majesty but our success is not so good as we expected. There is a great lack of warriors in our army. If you, Your Goddesty, are going to conquer the whole world, we must find a decision to solve this problem.

Clavdyi II: I know that! And I’ll seek for it. The whole world will belong to me! I see the source of our difficulties in marriage.

Counselor: In marriage?!

Clavdyi II: Yes, there are a lot of strong and healthy men in our country, who can’t go to the army because of their families, small children. I think they must serve me, their Emperor, serve their country!!

Counselor: What are you going to do, your Majesty?

Clavdyi II: There will be no more marriages now. I forbid it! And if someone will infringe my law, he will be immediately executed. Now, my counselor, go and declare my new law to my people.

Ведущий 2: But no obstacles existed for loving hearts. Bishop Valentine married young couples secretly.

Scene 2

(молодая пара вбегает в келью Валентина)

Yemilyi: We are greeting you, Valentine! My name is Yemilyi and this is my love Valeria. We heard that you marry couples secretly. Please, help us! Marry us.

Valentine: Of course, I’ll help you, my dear children. I’ll marry you with great pleasure.

Ведущий 1: Of course, it was impossible to hide it from emperor. And one day Valentine was taken into prison. He was sentenced to execution.

Ведущий 2: Some days before the execution one of the warders brought his blind daughter to Valentine.

Scene 3

(Валентин в тюрьме, заходит тюремщик с дочерью)

Warder: Valentine, I’m Verguilyi and this is my daughter Lyvia. She is blind. I heard that you have a wonderful gift to treat people from different diseases. Please, help me. I’m begging you, help my daughter!!

Valentine: I’ll do what I can. Leave us.

(Валентин обращается к девушке)

Valentine: I know what disturbs you, your eyes. Please, sit down, my dear.

(излечивает) Do you see now?

Lyvia: Yes, I can see now. For the first in my life I can see the world around me! I am not blind anymore. Thank you so much. It’s amazing! May be you are an angel? What can I do for you?

Valentine: Nothing. Just live and be happy. You ‘are an angel. I bless you, my child.

Ведущий 2: The day of execution was appointed on the 14th of February. The day before the execution Valentine wrote a note to Lyvia.

Scene 4

(тюремщик Вергилий заходит в комнату дочери Ливии и протягивает ей письмо)

Vergyilyi: Lyvia, Valentine sent you a letter. He wrote it before the execution.

Lyvia: Oh, give it to me.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Honey is sweet

And so are you”

p.s. Your Valentine

Lyvia: Valentine, I’ll never forget you!!

Ведущий 1: He was executed on the 14th of February in 270. In 496 the Pope Gelasius declared the 14th of February to be “Saint Valentine’s Day”.

Ведущий 2: Poets and writers devoted many poems and songs, novels and stories to love, love at first sight. For example, “Я помню чудное мгновенье”(перевод на англ.яз. Набоков В.В.)

(на сцену выходит ученик и рассказывает стихотворение)

A magic moment I remember

I raised my eyes and you were there

A fleeting vision, the quintessence

Of all that’s beautiful and rare

Time passed. A rebel storm-blast scattered

The reveries that once were mine

And I forgot your soothing accents

Your features gracefully divine.

Ведущий 1: Now, let’s listen how people from different countries of the world say the words of love:

  • Я люблю тебя (Russian)

  • I love you (English)

  • Je t’aime (French)

  • Wo ainei (Chinese)

  • S’agapo (Greek)

  • Я тебе кохаю (Ukraine)

  • Te amo (Spanish)

  • Ich liebe dich (German)

  • Ai shite imasu (Japan)

  • Мин hине яратам (Bashkir)

Ведущий 1: We wish you to find real love and happiness. Thank you for being with us this evening! This song is the anthem for loving couples.

(учащиеся исполняют песню «Unchained Melody»)

Unchained Melody

(музыка: Алекс Норт, слова: Хай Зарет)

F Dm B

Oh, my love, my darling


I've hungered for your touch

Dm C C

A long lonely time

F Dm B

And time goes by so slowly


And time can do so much

Dm Am

Are you still mine?


I need your love

Dm F

I need your love

Gm C F

God speed your love to me


Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea


To the open arms of the sea


Lonely rivers sigh: „wait for me, wait for me“


I'll be coming home wait for me

Ведущий 2: Now, our party is over. Thank you and good-bye!

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