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Тест "Complete the sentences with the words: Maths, History, Drama, P.E" 5 Класс

Здесь Вы можете скачать Тест "Complete the sentences with the words: Maths, History, Drama, P.E" 5 Класс для предмета : Английский язык. Данный документ поможет вам подготовить хороший и качественный материал для урока.

Complete the sentences with the words: Maths, History, Drama, P.E., Literature, Science.

1.We often learn poems by heart in....

2.We act out plays, sing and dance in....

3.We read stories about animals and birds in...

4.We play basketball, volleyball, run and jump in....

5.We can find out some facts about people and events of the past in...

6.We count and do different tasks in....

Translate into Russian:

1.Can we arrange a date and time of a picnic now?

2.He is responsible for the social programme.

3.I don’t like this educational programme.

4.She is going to stay with her little brother, isn’t she?

5.Do you like to go to the cinema or to the theatre?

6.His partner often plays sport at the weekend.

Complete the sentences:

  1. She is a pupil, …

  2. They will buy a computer, ….

  3. There are twenty pupils in the class, …..

  4. She didn’t play football yesterday, …

  5. We go to school six days a week,…

  6. I shall not visit her tomorrow, ….

Complete the following tag-questions:

  1. You are going to ask the questions,.....?

  2. You will spend your holidays in the country,....?

  3. Your father can speak English very well,....?

  4. Your friend never swims in winter,....?

  5. You are a pupil,....?

  6. Your mother didnt go to the shop yesterday,....?

Choose the right verb:

1. Yesterday Andrew and his friends …. to the cinema.

a) go b) went c) will go

2. She usually ….. with her friends during her visit to Moscow.

a) stay b) stays c) will stay

3. We …. to have a picnic next weekend.

a) will go b) are going c) go

1.I.....to school every day. a)go b)will go c)went

2.My mother....Moscow last year. a)visits, b)will visit, c)visited

3.She....good English. She is my friend. a)speaks b)will speak c)spoke

4.I....to the village next summer. a)go b)will go c)went

5.My father often...food in this supermarket. a)buys b)will buy c)bought

Put the words in a logical order:

1.did, what, yesterday, she, see, in the park ?

2.who, last, was, in Moscow, year?

3.you, Abbey, visit, will, Westminster, when?

4.Big, why, do, want, you, Ben, to see?

5.there, places, London, are, many, visit, to, in?


1. I usually ….. my Granny on Saturday.

a) visits b)visited c) visit d) will visit

2. There ….. 30 pupils in our class last year.

a) were b)was c) are d) is

3. I can…. English very well.

a) spoke b) speaks c) speak d) will speak

4. …. they go to the Zoo with us next week?

a) shall b)will c) do d) did

5. I … to my friend yesterday.

a) go b)went c) goes d) will go

6. He will …. his holidays in America.

a) travel b) spend c) study d) go

7. Do you like … to school? Yes, I …..

a) to go, did b) go, do c) to go, do d) to go, don’t

8. We learn how to use computers at ….. lessons.

a) I.T. b) Literature c) Drama d) Maths

9. She wanted to …. us about her brother.

a) say b) tell c) speak d) talk

10. Last autumn my two classmates …..

a) went abroad b) went to bed c) went shopping

Test 3

  1. Исправь ошибки.

Givieng, sleepping, plaing, danceing, runing, enjoing, doeing, helpping, geting, takeng

  1. Поставь глагол в скобках в Present Simple или Present Continuous:

  1. They (to play) tennis now. b) We (to play) tennis every day.

c) Where is Jane? – She (to read) a new book in her room. d) Sam usually (to read) magazines in the evening.

e) I (to write) a letter to my sister now. f) I (to write) a letter to my Granny once a month.

  1. Поставь слова в нужном порядке:

  1. Talking/ phone/ not/ is/ he/ the/on. c) You/singing/songs/are/now?

  2. Not/watching/she/is/TV. d) Playing/am/at the moment/I/computer games.

  1. Переведи предложения:

a) Linda Silvester will be responsible for the students’ exchange next year.

b) The famous sportsman often gives interviews to different magazines.

c) Steven made friends with Jane last summer.

d) My friend is sociable, caring and understanding.

e) The nurses help doctors in the hospital.

Поставь глагол в скобках в Present Continuous:

1. He …. (sit) at the desk. 5. Mum ….. (make) a cake.

2. They ….. (play) football. 6. The dog …..(sleep).

3. You ……. (read) a book. 7. The girl …… (sing).

4. I ……. (watch) TV. 8. The boys … ( run) in the park.

Choose the right variant:

  1. Listen! My friend….. the song. (sings, sing, is singing)

  2. I ….. some problems at school. (have, has, am having)

  3. They …to visit galleries and museums. (likes, like, are liking)

  4. Where is Mum? She ….. (cooks, cooking, is cooking)

  5. I can …a lot of girls in the street. (am seeing, sees, see)

  6. His brother… the piano very well. (play, plays, is playing)

  7. Will you go to the shop? We ….. some bread and butter. (need, needs, are needing)

  8. Look! They ….. to the library now. (go, are going, is going)

Ex.16, p. 65 – answer the questions:

1. What is the name of the famous clock in London?

2. Where does Big Ben stand?

3. How often can you hear Big Ben?

4. How much does the big bell weigh?

5. Where do the Houses of Parliament stand?

6. What was built by King Edward in 1065?

7. Does the Queen of Britain live in The Tower?

8. Where does the Queen stay when she is in London?

9. Where does the coronation of all British Kings and Queens take place?

10. What is the oldest part of the Tower of London?

    1. It is very old. It has a long and cruel history. You can see it from the river Thames. It is not just one building. Many years ago the kings and Queens of Britain lived in this place.

    2. It stands near the Houses of Parliament. It is really a bell. It weighs13, 720 kilograms. It has a deep tone and you can hear it on the radio. It is a famous clock.

    3. It is not far from the Houses of Parliament. It is a symbol of England. It was founded by St. Peter and built by King Edward in 1065. Some famous people are buried there.

    4. They stand beside the river Thames. You can also see them Westminster Bridge. The country’s leaders speak at this place. The famous clock Big Ben stands near them.

    5. It is the main square in the city. It is famous for the monument to Admiral Nelson. There are many beautiful fountains there.

    6. It is a beautiful palace. When the Queen is in London, she stays there. You can see the flag on the building, when the Queen is there.

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