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Конспект урока по английскому языку "School" 4 класс

Здесь Вы можете скачать Конспект урока по английскому языку "School" 4 класс для предмета : Английский язык. Данный документ поможет вам подготовить хороший и качественный материал для урока.


Цель: систематизация и расширение знания по теме «Школа в Великобритании».

Задачи: Совершенствование навыков аудирования, монологической и диалогической речи, развивать познавательные способности учащихся, учить работать со страноведческим материалом.

Оборудование: видеофильм «School» ( «This is Britain», Level 1,Oxford University Press), карточки со словами и предметы, иллюстрирующие реалии английской жизни, для введения лексических единиц, раздаточный материал для выполнения заданий.

I. - Today we are going to talk about school in England. You’ve read a lot about school. What do you know about school in England?

- Would you like to learn more?

II. 1) - Today we are going to watch the video about the children who live in England. It is about the boy called Jamie and his typical day at his school.

- Look at the blackboard and make a word web. Write on the board what you could see in the video ( classroom, blackboard, timetable etc.).

Before you watch

2) Activity Sheet 1

- Look at the words on the first sheet.

1. Assembly. It is a meeting before classes. Every morning there is an assembly where the teacher tells the pupils about important events and at some schools the pupils sing a hymn (a religious song).

2. Swings. This word is known to you.

3. A lollipop lady. Look, this is a lollipop. Look at the sign the woman has in Picture 3. It looks like a lollipop. A person on duty in front of the school who helps children cross the road safely is a lollipop lady.

4. A canteen. It is a place at school where pupils and teachers can have meals (breakfast, lunch).

5. A letter box. When we want to send a letter we put it in the letter box.

6. A packed lunch. It is lunch carried in a bag or box to school (a sandwich , a piece of fruit, a packet of crisps and a drink).

7. Class registration. It takes every morning and after lunch. So the teacher can see who is present and who is absent.

3) While you watch (6:37)

- Watch the video and tick the things you see in the video clip about Jamie’s school.

- What pictures have you ticked? (1,3,4.6,7,8)

- Are there any differences between primary schools in England and your school?

III. Activity Sheet 2

- In England classes start in the morning and continue all day long. Watch the video and be ready to answer the questions.

1) - What time does school start? (8:50)

- What time is the first lesson? (9:30)

- What time is break? (10:30)

- What time is lunch? (12:15)

- What time is the first lesson in the afternoon? (1:15)

- What time does the school finish? (3:15)

- Look at the clocks and draw the time and then write. Say what you usually do at this time.

VI. Activity Sheet 3

Before you watch

- Look at Activity Sheet 3 and try to match the pictures 1 - 4 and phrases a - f. But first let’s read and translate the sentences. (Translation)

While you watch (6:37)

Watch the video and check the answers.

After you watch

- Were you right?

- What do you think the answer to each question could be? (Here you are. Yes, of course. Yes, what is it? It’s two o’clock).

VII. Activity Sheet 4

Look at Activity Sheet 4. All sentences about Jamie’s school are right. Read the sentences and decide if they are true for your school.

- What time does school start here?

- What time does school finish here? etc.

VIII. Write

At home write about your school. Next to your story draw or stick a photo of your school.

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